Privacy first

Insightful Analytics
without invading privacy

Fathom Analytics is a robust website analytics plugin offering crucial metrics like Page Views, Events, Bounce Rate, and Average Time on Site. It aids businesses in enhancing their website and marketing strategies based on detailed, insightful data that uncovers user patterns and preferences.

The plugin excels in its visitor analytics, showing visitor count, country of origin, and device types. This key information assists businesses in optimizing their content for a global audience, helping them adjust strategies based on user needs and trends.

Beyond conventional data, Fathom offers event tracking, capturing user actions on the website, from button clicks to form submissions. These insights illuminate user engagement and conversion drivers, empowering businesses to refine their growth strategies.

Importantly, Fathom respects user privacy, avoiding cookies or personal data collection for GDPR compliance. It delivers anonymous, aggregated data, providing valuable insights while respecting user privacy. In a privacy-conscious world, Fathom stands as a reliable, ethical solution for effective website analytics.

Screenshot of Fathom Analytics dashboard